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Book written by Allahyarham Kiyai Ahmad Zuhri Mutammim

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The Book

Al-Amin is a book written by our local scholar named Kiyai Ahmad Zuhri Mutammim. This book discusses the teachings and instructions given by our Beloved Prophet ﷺ. The content of the book will center on loving the Creator, Allah SWT, His Messenger ﷺ, and scholars, as well as actions that are highly encouraged and negative emotions that should be rid of such as egocentric pride, boastfulness, gossip, and many more. The book will also discuss actions that are highly encouraged, like obeying your parents, helping those in need, and being consistent in your practices.

The Teacher


Ustazah Wan Nadia was born and raised in Singapore. She is an alumna of Madrasah Al-Maarif Al-Islamiah, and was one of the pioneer students of Al-Zuhri Institute of Higher Learning. She received her first degree in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences from Islamic University of Malaysia in 2011 with first class honours. In 2017, she was conferred with Master’s degree in Curriculum, Teaching and Instruction from National Institute of Education. 

Quranic teaching has been part of Ustazah Wan Nadia’s life. She started as early as 17, teaching English speaking Muslims in her community. Today, she continues to serve the community which has extended regionally. She has been invited to speak in various organizations, mosques and madrasahs both locally and regionally. Majlis Islam Sarawak has also invited Ustazah to present a discourse on Women in Islam. 


Currently as one of the Board of Directors of Al-Zuhri Institution, and managing WANs Education 21.

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Course Fee : Free 

Eligible for Female students only!

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