Daurah :

Syamail muhammadiyah

unravel the beauty of rasullullah saw.

Maulana Iqbal Zain


Mentor, Darul Mujtaba

Course Description

The Syamail Muhammadiyah is a book which reflects the example of the beautiful characteristic of our Prophet Muhammad SAW. Through this daurah, we will truly learn how to nurture the love for Rasulullah SAW by understanding his warm personality, beautiful character and meaningful ways of life.

Lesson Objectives

To nurture the love for the Prophet SAW in our heart.

To know the beautiful characteristic of our Prophet SAW.

To follow the footsteps & Akhlaq of Rasulullah SAW.

To be able to understand the true love of Rasulullah SAW for his Ummah.

Daurah - Syamaail Muhammadiyah

Malay & Some English

Saturday 18 Jan 2020

8:00pm - 10:00pm

Nur Insan

Yishun Branch

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Discover the characteristic of the greatest

man every walked on Earth