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Doa Series

Every Monday at 8:00PM

Nur Insan Joo Chiat Branch

For ladies only

Doa Series

Free Course

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Course Instructor

Ustazah Shazwani Mohamad

Yarmouk University

About the course

Have you ever felt so despair & heartbroken that despite your countless effort in facing your challenges, nothing seems to be working for You?

You know that one of the best tools is "Doa" and you did it but why does it seems there's no change?

  • What could possibly gone wrong?

  • Is your doa not sincere enough?

  • Is it ignored?

  • Or simply rejected because you are not pious enough?

  • Is it a wasted effort?

You feel tired and helpless, should you just stop and allow whatever happens to be what it is?

Does any of this sounds familiar to you?

If it is, we'll invite you to join us and unveil your doubts related to prayers & doa.

What you will learn in this course

  • Discover the Power of Doa & how it can transform your life.

  • Understand the right thing to do and what to avoid while seeking your Doa.

  • Emulate the Doas & Zikir extracted from Quran & Sunnah while uncover the stories behind it.

Course information

Course Instructor :

Ustazah Shazwani Mohamad (Yarmouk University)

Days & Dates :

9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th Sept / 7th & 14th Oct 2019 (Every Monday)

Fees :

Free Admission (Open to Ladies only)