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"and pray, “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.”


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Fardhu Ain


Kelas Fardhun Ain bersama Ustaz Omar Maulana akan diadakan pada Hari Sabtu di cawangan Nur Insan di Yishun. Klik link di bawah untuk mendaftar.

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This session offers every woman a platform, a safe space to open up and share about the challenges they face as they try to strengthen their faith through questions.

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Blessed reminders

for my sisters


The course will cover the basic essentials of the religion - faith, worship and character building, from traditional sources linking all the way back to the Prophet ﷺ and showing how these teachings are not only relevant in our time, they are in fact essential in going through the trials in life.

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Ask Ustazah

Ask Ustazah is a Web Series where individuals may ask questions related to Muslimah matters. All questions will be kept private and some selected ones may be shared and broadcast on our Web Series for the benefit of others. Send us your Questions via the button above.

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Waqaf ILMU

Help us make a difference in our students' life by providing them valuable Islamic Knowledge.

لوستر (روشنایی) غول پیکر مسجد سلطان قابو

Contribute monthly to the only free Madrasah in Singapore!

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Perform your Wealth Zakat with Nur Insan and support our cause today.

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Make Aqiqah for your

loved ones with us.



Aqiqah &

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