Assalamualaikum Wr Wb,

Dear Parents/Guardians,
For Joo Chiat Branch Students,

Week 27 lesson 17/18 July 2021

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Classes will be conducted as usual


Classes will be conducted normally, students will attend the classes with safety measures in place.

Please read the guidelines here.


Absentee Submission Form

Parents / Guardian are required to submit your reason via the Absentee Submission Form if your child is unable to attend the lesson. 

Safety Measures!


Students Attending Class

  • All student and staff must have their face mask used at all times.

  • For those who have difficulty to breath are allowed to wear face shield.

  • All students and staff must register for Safe Entry via TraceTogether App or TraceTogeher Token.

  • All students and staff must sanitize their hands before entering classroom

  • Temperature taking for all students and staff will be conducted.

  • Students or staff who are unwell, or who have family members under the Home Quarantine Order/Stay Home Notice or have family members with flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough , are not suppose attend class.



WhatsApp Group


Parents with more than 1 student are no longer required to join multiple groups.

Outline of Mountains


Madrasah Calendar 2021 & Time Table

Please download the document below.