2022 Weekend and Cloud Madrasah



  • Nur Insan provides Free Islamic Education, there are no administrative charges to process the application.

  • Every level will go through foundational studies (Week 1 - 4 & Week 26 - 28) to equip new students with sufficient knowledge for the syllabus.

  • Parent/Guardian may register students without any prior formal madrasah education (Full-time/Part-time).


  • Parent/Guardian are advised to register the student according to their age and current (2021) level. 


  • Parent/Guardian may choose to register the student no more than ONE level lower. (Eg. A Primary 5 Student (2021 level) can only be registered into Primary 5 or Primary 4)

  • Parent/Guardian of successful applicants will be notified and will be required to attend a mandatory briefing.

  • Annual purchase of books and learning materials will be required (One-time payment). Parent/Guardian may apply for 50% / 100% waiver, subject to eligibility.

  • Nur Insan have full discretion on admission matters and all decisions on the process will be final.

Please select one of the available Madrasah Programs

Applicants may opt for ONE program only

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Our Free weekend Madrasah Program is a holistic Islamic education program that caters to Kindergarten - Secondary 4 Level students. 



Cloud Madrasah is an online learning platform initiated by Madrasah Nur Insan. The online classes are only open for Pri 1-3 students.