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Frequently Asked Questions


Learn about Qurban essentials.

What is the payment method available?

You may use the following methods:
1 ) Home Collection 2 ) PayNow 3 ) Online payment via Debit/Credit Cards Please be informed that a additional service charge of 3.5% + $0.50 will be added for all online transaction.

Can I mix and choose from Set A, B. C, D & E?

Yes, you can.

Will I be given any certificate, photo and/or video for my Ibadah Qurban with Nur Insan?

For Qurban made in Lombok, Bangladesh & Cambodia we will attached the photos along with the certificates. For the rest of the countries, you will be given a certificate for your Ibadah Qurban. Photos of the actual Qurban may and may not be available as the custom of procedure of each country is different from one and another.

Do you do Aqiqah during this EidulAdha?

Yes we do. Please call 6920 7505 to enquire.

When should I make my niat to perform Qurban when I am doing Qurban online?

For bank transfer and online, you may make your niat during the online transaction.

Learning Videos


Learn about Qurban essentials.