Qurban 3-in-1 Campaign



Qurban Online Report 2019


During the recent EidulAdha, Nur Insan completed the Qurban Rites entrusted to us by the Muslim Community in Singapore for various countries, such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Somalia, Makkah, Johor, India, Niger, Cambodia, Congo and Pakistan.

On 24th August, Nur Insan's Team and our kind volunteers distributed food ration to up to 455 less fortunate families in Singapore. The Qurban Charity Ride was part of the Qurban 3-in-1 campaign.


The series of projects was concluded with the transition to our new larger office. The new madrasah is equipped with 3 classrooms, a Musollah and ablution space, a meeting room, a staff's office and a dedicated pantry.


This transition will enable us to provide better Free Education to the Muslim Community in Singapore. We thank you for all the kind support given to Nur Insan.

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Media Coverage by Selaparang TV on our Qurban 3in1 in Lombok Project.




Alhamdulilah, we are able to complete the Ibadah Qurban entrusted to us by Malay Muslim Community in Singapore

Up to 455 pax


Received Qurban's meat and Food ration from Qurban Charity Ride this year.




are currently benefitting from your participation in Qurban 3in1 project through Free Classes and Weekend Madrasah.

Countries Completed

Lombok   Somalia   Makkah   Johor   India   Nigera   Congo   Pakistan   Bangladesh   Cambodia

Report Completion (HardCopy) Timeline

Mid of August

Collecting data and information.

End of August

Design and preparing the Qurban report 

Early October

Print all the reports to be sent via post.

Mid October

(Slight Delay)

Distribute the Cert, Report and Photos via SingPost



"The Qurban journey in Lombok had always been a memorable one. It is definitely not just another Qurban. It's a life-changing experience which educates ourselves to be more grateful to the little things that we have.


When we truly open our eyes and look at how they live their daily life. We will realise that the little things that we have right now are beyond 


- Muhammad

(Nur Insan Media Team to Lombok) 


Highlights from "Aik dewa" Lombok Timur