Announcement : The last day for Qurban order will be : Set A (31 July 2020) Set B & C (20 July 2020)

General Enquiries

What is Qurban?

How can I perform Qurban online, what should I do?

Should I do 1 Goat or 1 part of Cow?

Can I do Qurban on behalf of my parents,children or relatives?

What will I receive from Nur Insan as a proof that my Qurban has been completed?

Who will benefits from my Qurban rite?

Payment & Order

What mode of payment do you accept?


Why am I being charge more when I purchase with my debit/credit card?

Will I be given a receipt for my payment?

I have mispelled the name for my Qurban rite, what should I do to rectify the matter?

How can I check my order?

Do you offer refund?

Fiqh Related Questions

Can I do more than 1 goat for myself?


What are the Do's & Don'ts for those who are performing their Qurban rite?

This is my first time doing Qurban, but I don't have enough to do for me and child, what should I do?

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