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Who this course is for

This session offers every woman a platform, a safe space to open up and share about the challenges they face as they try to strengthen their faith through questions.

We may have many questions playing around our mind, we may question ourselves and we sometimes need answers.

"Are we allowed to expose our forearms?"

"I am not wearing a hijab, will Allah accept my solat?"

"I have been through a divorce, how can I be a good mother?"

"What are some doa that i can practice in raising a child?"

Questions like this will be discussed in class to enlighten each other and help make our journey to Allah a more dedicated one, In Sha Allah.


- For ladies only

- Age 16 & Above

Class Medium


Every Tuesday

8:00pm - 10:00pm

Zoom Classes

Free Admission

Registration Required



Ustazah Syariati Sulaiman


Ustazah Syariati Sulaiman is a mother of three boys, professionally a freelance ustazah and public speaker. 

After finishing O'levels in a local Catholic School, she studied Islam in Damascus, Syria and got a Diploma in Islamic and Arabic Knowledge. In 2013, she graduated with a Degree in Islamic Knowledge and Heritage from IIUM.

She is passionate about supporting women from all walks of life through Islamic Knowledge & Faith. She has been teaching women for almost 10 years now and truly enjoys making connections and building a sisterhood, bridging the gaps between modern lifestyles and Islamic Worldview.

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