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Dear Beloved Qurban Registrants

The act of Qurban is one of the many acts of worship that can be done to attain closeness to Allah SWT, and it is highly encouraged (Sunnah). This act of worship connects us to our beloved Prophet Ibrahim AS and his son Prophet Ismail AS. In a dream, Prophet Ibrahim AS was told to slaughter Prophet Ismail AS. He narrated the dream to his son who agreed without hesitation because it was an order from Allah SWT. While performing the slaughter, Allah SWT ordered the sharp knife not to cut Prophet Ismail AS. Due to his complete obedience to Allah SWT, Prophet Ibrahim AS was given revelations to replace his son with a goat or any animal that was permissible to slaughter.

This is a strong justification for all of us to submit ourselves, our intellect, our physical bodies, our time, our energy, our possessions and all we have to Allah SWT. It is only with complete obedience to Allah SWT, that Glad tidings will come. May Allah SWT give us all taufiq to be in complete obedience to Him.

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Qurban 2023 Recap


Benefits of 

Other than seeking closeness to Allah SWT by performing Qurban, we can also place the intention to show gratitude to Allah SWT by giving out in charity. The meat from the Qurban can be used to give to our family members and the poor. Insya Allah, this would bring happiness to their hearts and by that, we seek Allah SWT’s pleasure upon us.

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Sunnah of 

It is strongly encouraged for the one performing Qurban to observe the following sunnah acts. Even though they are not compulsory, do try your best to keep to it. Each Sunnah act is light and brings lightness to the individual. It also brings us closer to Rasulullah SAW. May Allah SWT give us all taufiq.


Act Of Sunnah

Do not remove any hair from the body, be it on our head, beard, moustache and armpit, until the animal is slaughtered. You may groom yourself before Maghrib of

7th June 2024


Act Of Sunnah

Practice fasting during the first 9 days of Zulhijjah, especially on the 9th of Zulhijjah, the day of Arafah.


Act Of Sunnah

Do not cut your fingernails or toenails until the animal is slaughtered. You may groom yourself before Maghrib of

7th June 2024


Act Of Sunnah

Make plenty of Zikr (Remembrance of Allah SWT)

Lastly, we pray that Allah SWT purify our intentions in performing Qurban, make us sincere and obedient to Him and accept this deed from us. May it manifest on the Day of Judgment as mountains of good deeds that will place us in the highest parts of Paradise together with Rasulullah SAW.

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