Surah Al-Kahfi

for ladies only

Ustazah Noornisah Ramli

Freelance Asatizah

Course Description

Tahsin Al-Quran class is customized for ladies who wish to learn the fundamentals of IQRA and/or Quran recitation. The class will be conducted in a one-on-one session with Ustazah Noornisah. She will access the fluency of the students and guide them on how they can jumpstart their Quranic journey.​

What You Will Learn

Week 1 (8 Jan) : Introduction

Week 2 (15 Jan) : Tahsin Surah Al-Fatihah & 3 Qul

Week 3 (22 Jan) : Tahsin Surah Yaasin

Week 4 (29 Jan) : Tahsin Surah Kahfi

Tahsin Al-Quran (Malay)

Every Wednesday


8:00am - 9:00am​

Tahsin Surah of the day

9:00 am - 12:00pm

Talaqqi Al-Quran (Private Session)

Nur Insan

Yishun Branch

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