Spiritual Conversations Series 4:

The Adab Of

Seeking Knowledge

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The purpose of attaining knowledge of the Sharī’ah is to perfect one’s clarity of expression, and the purpose of perfecting one’s clarity of expression is to single out Allāh and worship Him. Therefore, the purpose of seeking knowledge is to single out Allāh – the Mighty and Majestic – and worship Him, and the message gets across much better when the one who has positioned himself to deal with this knowledge – whether he is a student or teacher – clearly shows these signs of singling out Allāh and worshipping Him by submitting completely to the pure Sharī’ah and noble Religion.

Based on this, the manners of seeking this knowledge are completely inseparable from the person who deals with it, because this is what the texts show, and because these manners include vast principles of the Religion that are not within anybody’s luxury to contradict or look to without taking seriously.

And these manners are at all times a definite obligation upon the seeker of knowledge, and Allāh is the source of help, and upon Him is all reliance.

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