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Qurban with a 


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How to perform
your Qurban

Here are few steps on how you may perform your Qurban Ritual with us.


Make Your Order

Fill in your particulars in the form provided and make payment via PayNow, Credit, Debit or request for Home Collection.



The Qurban Ritual will be made on the 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th of Zulhijjah in more than 14 countries.


Certificate & Report

Every registrant will receive certificate of participation and detailed report. Photo of Qurban is only available for selected countries (Countries marked with asterix *). By default, Report set will be sent via email, unless requested by physical mail.




Select your preferred Qurban country

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And for every [religious] community We have appointed a rite [of sacrifice]1 that they may mention the name of Allāh over what He has provided for them of [sacrificial] animals. For your god is one God, so to Him submit. And, [O Muḥammad], give good tidings to the humble [before their Lord]. Hajj 34

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Why Choose Us

6 Reasons on why you should make your Qurban with us.

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Transparent & Experienced

Established Qurban service provider with more than 11 years of experience in handling more than 15,000 Qurban overseas.

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Proof & Certification

Photos & Videos from the Qurban project will be distributed via email/post.

Every registrant will be given E-Certificate upon completion of project.

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Honest & Trustworthy

We have had the pleasure to serve more than 15,000 happy and satisfied customers in Singapore.

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Support Local Beneficiaries

A portion from your Qurban payment will be channeled towards purchasing food ration for local less fortunate families under Nur Insan’s care. Selected families will receive basic necessities including 1-2kg of Qurban meat. Distribution will be done 2 weeks after Eiduladha during our annual Qurban Charity Ride. 

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Qurban Meat


Qurban meat will be distributed to the local less fortunate in the respective countries, overseen by our travelling staff and trusted local partners. Our staff and partners are trained to ensure the Qurban process is carried out according to the Sunnah. 

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Sustain Free Islamic Education

Our Qurban will assist Nur Insan to sustain its Free Islamic Education efforts, providing free Madrasah and Islamic classes for over 1500 students, through 72 weekly classes, conducted at our 3 centres.

Customers Review

Hear their reviews about Nur Insan's Qurban with a cause.

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Extensive Coverage
on the ground

LIVE updates from our team on the ground throughout the Qurban process.