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Waqaf ILMU

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for our future and your hereafter

Waqaf Ilmu Nur Insan is a fundraising project to sustain our Free Islamic Education initiative consisting of our Free Weekend Madrasah and Free Basic Fardhu Ain Classes which were organized weekly. The campaign is an all year campaign to ensure that we are able to provide Free Islamic Education to Muslim community in Singapore.

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Who will benefit

More than 700 students who are currently studying for Free at our Weekend Madrasah.

More than 400 Adult students are attending our Free Basic Fardhu Ain Classes.

Make Your Waqaf

For every Waqaf made, you have made an impact on

someone's else life. Your contribution may create an opportunity for them to obtain Islamic Knowledge to be used for themselves and also to give back to the Muslim community in future.

Fundraising projects

Help us develop the only Free Madrasah in Singapore by supporting our fundraising campaigns.

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