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Why Choose Us

6 Reasons why you should make your Qurban with us

Transparent & Experienced

Established Qurban service provider with more than 6 years of experience in handling more than 10,000 Qurban overseas.

Proof & Certification

Photos & Videos from the Qurban project will be distributed via email/post.

Every registrant will be given E-Certificate upon completion of project.

Honest & 

We have had the pleasure to serve more than 10,000 happy and satisfied customers in Singapore.

100% Online


We make it easy for buyers to perform their Qurban by making it 100% online. From selecting options to payment gateway to receiving their certification, photos and/or videos.

Qurban Meat


The meat from the Qurban Rites will be distributed to the less fortunate families and individuals both in singapore and overseas.

Proceeds go towards

Beneficial Cause

100% of the proceeds from your purchase will go Food Packs for less fortunate families and funding for Nur Insan's cause, the only Free Madrasah in Singapore.

Extensive Coverage from participating countries

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