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Hybrid Lessons Guidelines

  • Hybrid lesson is combination of physical and zoom lessons. This is to facilitate safe distancing measures amongst students.

  • Students in each class will be divided into groups 'A' , 'B' and 'C'. 

  • Students in Group A will attend lesson physically on week 3, while Group B & C attend via Zoom from home. 

  • Group B will attend physically on week 4 followed by Group C to attend physically on week 5. Students will rotate accordingly.

  • (We will provide a list of groups for every class by 18 January 2021.) 

  • Each group will have a maximum of 10 students to achieve 1 meter distancing among students.

Safety Measure Guidelines:

  • All students and staff must have their face mask used at all times.

  • For those who have difficulty in breathing are allowed to wear face shield.

  • All students and staff must register for Safe Entry via EZ Link Card and Identification Card.

  • All students and staff must bring their EZ Link card or Identification Card.

  • All students and staff should sanitize their hands when entering the classroom.

  • Temperature taking for all students and staff will be conducted.

  • Students and staff who are unwell, or who have family members under the Home Quarantine Order / Stay Home Notice or have family members with flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough, are not suppose to attend classes.